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Facilitating Improved Community Policing During Covid

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Nine days before George Floyd died an agonizing death under the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer while others watched, law enforcement officials broke up what has been described as a massive block party in my Florida hometown of DeLand and the surrounding unincorporated Volusia County. Video footage of police shutting down a local store and chasing some in the crowd led many to accuse local authorities of engaging in another incident of racist law enforcement targeting African Americans. But what actually happened there is more complex than what was initially reported -- and this local example has lessons for all of us looking for ways to facilitate effective community policing of African American communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more....

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Contact DEI Facilitation & Consulting (386-473-1336) to discuss how Ted Small can assist your community with facilitating racial reconciliation and effective community policing of marginalized communities in the wake of George Floyd and other incidents of racist or inhumane policing.

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